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EAST PREPS - Best speed training for fast twitch muscles - Sprint Faster


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Best speed training for fast twitch muscles - Sprint Faster

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Comments - to get free speed training instructions. For speed fast muscles are more important than strong muscles - yet making your muscles faster is almost always ignored. Yes, strong muscles are important, but they will not contract nearly as quickly as fast muscles. Visit the speed training challenge website: To find out why this program far outperforms speed training drills or weight lifting workouts for getting faster and why many are amazed at their results - listen to or download the speed training seminar recording or transcript here: Muscle speed is accomplished by conditioning your fast twitch muscle fibers for their natural ability to contract with amazing speed and acceleration. Whether your sport is football, soccer, track, baseball or basketball, fast muscle speed can not be accomplished with the same speed training workouts used for muscle strength, namely heavy workouts with repetitions. Speed training with resistance bands and isometrics using short training sessions is the very best way to isolate and condition your fast twitch fibers for speed - and to run faster than ever before. Training the correct muscles for faster sprinting speed is also ignored in most speed training programs. For example, your thigh flexor muscles are considered to be the primary muscle group involved in sprinting. Even though the thigh flexors are among the strongest muscle groups in the body, and crucial for you to run faster, they are still found to be developed far below their full potential in most athletes. This is mostly because many people are unaware of their function and importance. With weak thigh flexors, your running speed will be significantly affected more than you could ever imagine. The acceleration portion of the swing phase is where most of your running speed and power are generated. This is the main function of your thigh flexors. The faster you can accelerate your thighs forward and upwards, the faster you will be able to run - it's as simple as that! The reality is that a lot of athletes, trainers and coaches are simply unaware of the importance of the thigh flexor muscles when it comes to running speed. The only way that I have ever been able to effectively isolate the thigh flexors and train them for speed is with resistance bands. No other method is more effective. The only way I have ever been able to increase their contraction velocity is with isometric training. Again, No other method is more effective than isometrics at making these muscles faster. And always remember - being fast is not the same as being strong. You will need fast muscles to dramatically improve your sprint speed and sprint faster than ever before. And fast thigh flexor muscles form the foundation for getting faster than ever before. Your friends, coaches and teammates will be amazed - and you will leave the competition in the dust! Unless you have applied isometric training to your thigh flexor muscles with a resistance band workout, you have a huge reservoir of untapped muscular energy just waiting to be released. By doing the speed training exercises the way we show you, you can't help but improve your sports performance and stand out from the crowd - with fast muscles. Speed Training For football, soccer, baseball, basketball, track, lacrosse and any other sport where sprinting speed is crucial. You will dramatically sprint faster and run faster in days - even if you are in mid-season - not weeks or months as in other speed training programs. Dr. Larry Van Such Muscle Speed Expert Free Speed Training Material - What Others Are Saying - ...
Added on Nov 13, 2009 by eastpreps
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